Easy (and seriously better) leveraged trading.

Create your own long-short token pairs across multiple blockchains

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Our CORE offering

How it all works

Select your leverage pairing (i.e. long ETH, short BTC).

Select your leverage ratio (Betwee 1.1x and 5x).

Receive a fungible token that you or others can trade.

Zero holding Fees

Keep your leveraged position free of any artificial holding costs. We’ve completely removed funding rate fees and only charge a small fee when you exit your position.

Impact the actual Assets

All token pairs are asset-settled. That means you’re a real market participant and supporting the actual token itself. You’re buying the asset, not just a cash-settled option.

Earn Positive Interest

We use the loan markets with built-in yield farming. That means you can in some cases also earn positive interest on your position. You can earn by just opening and holding.

Small Transaction Fees

We deployed on Arbitrum, the Ethereum Layer 2. That keeps gas fees low and easy to afford.

''We create a unique leveraged token to represent your pairing.''

The Levr.ly sale

Our Public Sale is Live

We’ve launched the LEVR token - the platform governance token.

Token ownership equates to voting rights and platform ownership. The platform is owned by its token holders and operated as a decentralized autonomous organization.

We’re using a fixed-price curve scale. That means supply is minted only upon purchase demand and tokens are sold at a pre-defined, increasing price. This keeps the sale transparent, fair, and predictable.

The platform is mid-development. We had a successful test product launch in early 2021. The team is now working towards the launch of V1 Quarter 4 of 2022. For more information check out our road map.

Buy Levr Tokens

Early is (guaranteed) Better

The fixed-price curve scale guarantees early investors a better minting price than those after them. It’s a pre-defined increasing sliding scale.

Zero Lock-Up Period

Tokens are received up-front. No limits on holding, selling, or voting. You’re free to make decisions and take action immediately upon your token mint.

No Vesting Schedule

There’s a fixed total supply. Tokens are minted upon purchase and there isn’t a vesting schedule. That means incoming supply is entirely supported by its purchase demand.

Transparent Fundraising

You can see the price earlier investors paid. Plus, zero hidden early capital raising or lock-up periods that would lead to market dumps.

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Team Members

Schalk Dormehl

Founder of Levr.ly and Lead Researcher on Token Design

Chris Lemmer

Scrum Master and Marketing Manager

Daniel Pieterse

UX Engineer

Elmer Vermeulen

Blockchain Engineer

Robbie Spooner

Marketing Advisor

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